Accredited Case Manager programme

Making travel accessible, inclusive, fulfilling, life-enhancing and indeed life-changing, has always been central to the outcomes and ambitions we hold for each and every enquiry we receive from our case managers, for their valued clients, their families, friends and colleagues. And as with many services that you offer to your service users, they can be challenging and time demanding and require, always, knowledge, expertise and care. Now we know we are not blessed with those attributes as they apply to being a successful case manager. But we are when it comes to making travel an inclusive experience, whatever a persons requirements might be and wherever in the world they would dream to travel. So we would wish to impart key elements of this know-how through our exciting and exclusive Accredited Case Manager programme. The programme will enlighten you to the processes we have created and, crucially, the critical information we will require relating to your clients travel ambitions and requirements… and how to efficiently source and supply that detail to us.

So, if you would wish to secure accreditation and proudly display your credentials, then please apply now using the application form below and we will contact you as soon as the platform launches.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Accredited Case Manager roll of honour and meanwhile remain at your disposal to support and service you with any client travel requests or need for advice, that you may have.

Ian Carter
Accreditation Coordinator

    Please let me know when the Accredited Case Manager programme goes live!