Alison Pearson


Alison Pearson

There have been dramatic changes in the way we book holidays and travel over the past twenty years. And Alison has seen more of them than most. Two decades experience on the ‘frontline’ with one of the UKs major tour operator and high street retail companies, has more than equipped her to be a key member of the Case Manager Travel Services team.

Add to this rich mix of knowledge and know-how a personal, life-changing trauma at the tender age of 17 (Alison sustained multiple catastrophic injuries after being hit in a road traffic incident, including below-knee amputation of her leg) and you have at your service someone with a unique kaleidoscope of professional and personal insight into the challenging, but ‘oh so rewarding’ challenge of making travel accessible to everyone. Whatever their access or mobility requirements might be.

And Alison is as passionate about her own travels as she is of those she arranges for valued clients. Since her injury, she has even enjoyed the thrill of snow-skiing in the North America, which has simply served to drive her ambition to transform the future travel opportunities of disabled people, their family, friends and colleagues… wherever in the world they want to go and whatever they might want to experience. A testament to Alison’s character and commitment. in her own words, ‘I am living life and I am loving life’.

We’ve noticed, Alison… and that’s why we are so privileged to have you onboard!