Richard Thompson – Global Lead at CMTS

Richard Thompson

Richard’s vision, knowledge, passion and commitment for making travel accessible and inclusive, everywhere, to everyone, is world renowned. His unique capacity to educate and enlighten sought around the globe.

And his is an epic journey. A fusion of independent exploration across more than 70 countries, four decades of tourism industry experience and half a lifetime turning adversity to advantage following his own life-changing changing personal injury. Over the past 22 years, Richard has defined the ‘accessible’ market and redefined what is possible, crafting journeys of discovery – close to home and on distant shores, that rekindle travel ambitions and realise ‘impossible’ dreams, however complex a persons additional requirements might be and wherever in the world they want to go. It is motivating and inspiring. And we are all motivated and inspired.

This is manifested in no better way than the service and support he has delivered to case managers and catastrophic injury lawyers in the UK, as they pursue the very best possible outcomes for their clients. Richard sees every journey, trip or holiday as a landmark event for clients and crucially their loved ones, colleagues and associates too. Powerful and life-enhancing experiences to build confidence in self and in the environment around them. To adjust, to expand horizons and enrich. To explore the world and all its possibilities for personal fulfilment – even after the most catastrophic injury. This is why we created CMTS. It is to support you, the UK’s case managers.