New Horizons

We know only too well how a key outcome from sustaining a catastrophic injury can be a greatly diminished belief and confidence in travel. At home, and abroad.

It is completely understandable.

So previously cherished dreams and ambitions to explore, discover and enjoy the unique pleasures of worldwide travel and holidays are often, virtually and actually, extinguished. So creating new, transformational horizons for the injured, their family, friends and acquaintances is our primary objective. We know what critical difference this can make.

We therefore invite you to the view the horizons we see and share these with your clients.

From experience we know how these have the potential to inspire and to rekindle the desire to go travelling. And whilst we tailor-make (completely) each holiday and journey to meet requirement, our New Horizons portfolio of possibilities will provide a fresh window on the world.

And who knows where this will take your clients in the months and years ahead?

A lifetime of ever-expanding horizons awaits.

A whole new world of discovery...