Less than 10 miles across the Straits of Gibraltar, the continent of Africa offers some of the most exciting, adventurous and diverse holiday and travel opportunities on the planet.

From stunning Morocco with its souks and kasbah, ancient cities of Fes and Marrakech, soaring mountain ranges of the Rif and High Atlas and ever moving sands of the Sahara Desert. Head south and east to the game reserves of Kenya and Tanzania, visit the gorillas in the mist in Rwanda and Uganda and combine with a stay on one of the beautiful islands that straddle the eastern seaboard of Africa – Zanzibar, Mauritius or The Seychelles. Down towards the south of the continent discover more Safari opportunities in Botswana, Namibia and of course South Africa, with beautiful Cape Town, it’s wine lands and famed Garden Route. Simply breathtaking.

For many, such adventures may feel completely out of reach – even without a catastrophic injury. But in fact the majority of experiences can be enjoyed by anyone seeking to visit this incredible continent. However complex or challenging their requirements might be.

We pride ourselves in making travel dreams into reality and Africa presents the opportunities for us to do just that.

Our team have many years experience of facilitating these journeys of discovery.

So they’re a genuine option for your clients. Accessible Africa awaits. How exciting is that?

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