Down Under

Going Down Under may seem like a journey too far for those discovering (or rediscovering) the unique pleasures of global travel, but despite, literally, being on the other side of the planet, Australia and New Zealand are wonderful, indeed, amazing destinations that with appropriate planning and preparation can be placed, with confidence, on anyone’s travel wanderlist.

It’s long-haul so many choose to break up the trip Down Under with stopovers en-route. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Singapore being the most popular in the way to Australia. San Francisco, Los Angeles, with the option of taking in a South Pacific island (or two) on the mouth-watering menu of possibilities to New Zealand. All stopover destinations offering exciting, memorable, accessible and inclusive experiences along the way.

On arrival, well the options are tantalising. In Australia, choose a single or twin-city experience of Sydney and Melbourne, a region or two… perhaps the Gold Coast and Queensland. Watch the sun rise and set over Ayers Rock, dive the Barrier Reef and beach at Bondi. So many iconic sights to explore and enjoy. And in New Zealand, a single or two-island escorted tour or fly drive to all corners of what is universally regarded and revered as one of the most complete, beautiful, adventure & adrenaline fuelled and breathtaking destinations on the planet.

We promised new horizons and travelling to the other side of the world perhaps represents one of the most expansive and evocative. Daunting, we understand, but with many years of expertise in making such trips possible for travellers who have sustained catastrophic injury, we are able to instil confidence and transform wildest dreams into life-transforming reality. Whatever a clients requirement.

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