For many, a first foray beyond home shores will be to our nearest continental neighbour – Europe. And it’s not surprising why. With easy access by land, sea and tunnel to a kaleidoscope of cultures, great cities old and new, sun drenched beach and warm water destinations, Alpine meadows and winter sports, gastronomic and culinary pleasures and more. A menu of life re-affirming, memory-making experiences await.

With any trip post-injury planning and preparation are critical. As is the choice of destination and style of holiday. So we guide and advise to ensure that every journey and holiday meets the unique requirement of client. Accessible accommodations of course but also all other crucial elements including home to airport transfers, meet & greet and adapted vehicle transfers on arrival, mobility equipment if required. Day tours and adventures that transform a stay into an experience.

Flights will be the most popular option for travelling in and around Europe. Arranging airport assistance from check-in to aircraft seat a given. We also select airlines and aircraft type that can accommodate powered mobility equipment (many can’t because of hold restrictions).

For rail journeys – Eurostar and across continental Europe, we ensure that station assistance is in place at all stops and accessible seating confirmed for every train.

Self-drive holidays will require an oversea sailing or undersea shuttle. We arrange tickets and timings and for longer trips across the continent, plan accessible overnight stays en-route both ways.

On ferries to France, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia we confirm accessible cabins, priority boarding and deck placement.

And we can’t forget the no-flight cruise option. From Southampton and an increasing number of UK ports, there is an ever growing and enticing array of unpack-once itineraries.

Europe – So close. So amazing!

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