UK holidays

For many, their first trip post-injury will take them on holidays and travel by air, sea or through the Channel Tunnel to Europe, or even farther afield.

We are able to make all of those options a genuine possibility, of course, whatever a clients requirements may be. But recent events have shifted the focus on holidays closer to home on what are now commonly know as ‘Staycations’. And why not?

The convenience of packing everything familiar – equipment, aids, (the family!), into the car or van and taking a road-trip across our green and pleasant lands is an attractive proposition for these early journeys of discovery.

And what a discovery this can be. A personal one for sure and for those close to the the client too. But with a rich tapestry of history, heritage and culture, a kaleidoscope of stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cities, quaint villages, centres of education excellence such as Oxford, Cambridge and Durham, castles, cottages and country estates, wind swept moors and wild, beautiful coastlines, the UK is a truly world-class destination. So in no way any less exciting and rewarding than a trip abroad.

And for your valued clients, we can of course arrange everything.

From home back to home – domestic travel by road, rail or air, accessible accommodations, mobility equipment rentals, day tours and guides.

The complete CMTS UK holiday solution.

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