USA & Canada

Well, between the USA & Canada, it is possible to experience just about every conceivable style of holiday and travel experience.  Simply incredible and amongst the most accessible in the world.

Cities? Your clients can take their pick. New York, Washington and Boston on the US eastern seaboard. New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville in the deep south.  Unique Las Vegas, the gambling and entertainment capital, in the desert of Nevada. And on the sunny west coast, Los Angeles and San Francisco  Of course there are a lot of natural wonders in between. The Grand Canyon, national parks of Yellowstone and Yosemite (to name just two).  The majestic Rockies – offering some of the world’s best accessible and adaptive skiing resorts.  Road trips like no other include the legendary Route 66 for that very special top-down journey without equivalence. All easily explored by self-drive adapted vans or hand-controlled cars. And for fun and sun seekers – the sunshine state of Florida.  All reached with regular daily flights from most of the UK’s major regional airports.

And to the north, Canada. Very different to its southern neighbour it is nevertheless equally rich in breath taking natural beauty and culturally diverse cities – Toronto, Quebec and Montreal in the East. Calgary and Vancouver in the west.  And with the option of experiencing the splendour of the Canadian Rockies by road, or the world famous and accessible Rocky Mountaineer train, this has to be one of the worlds great journeys.  And for many, arrival in Vancouver means a few days enjoying one of the most spectacular and inclusive cities in the Americas before boarding a luxury cruise ship for the sail north to Alaska. A truly spectacular and magnificent holiday experience by land and sea.

The USA and Canada.  Accessible, inclusive, memorable.

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