Charging Fees

Reigniting and realising the travel ambitions of your valued clients is the cornerstone and core focus of the team here at Case Manager Travel Services.  This means we go the extra mile (or as many miles as necessary) to understand your clients, (often complex) requirements and ambitions, and can spend many hours, days… often weeks in planning, designing and confirming every aspect of their journey, wherever in the world they would wish to travel and explore.

A bespoke commitment to Case Managers and their clients who recognise the value of our services that we are happy to make.

But to ensure  our precious resources are dedicated to authentic enquiries we are introducing Travel Design Fees of £500 for new Case Manager clients.

This Travel Design Fee will be set against the final costing meaning that if clients travel, then there are no charges at all for our pre-trip planning work.

We are sure that our new and long-standing case managers will understand the need to introduce these fees to ensure continuing service excellence to those that genuinely seek it, and look forward to transforming the future travel opportunities for your valued clients.